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Training Cards

Training Cards

Makerspace YK uses Training Cards as a quick way for us to know which orientations you have completed!

Your Training Card # helps us identify you in our user database.

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Orientations & Training

Completed an Orientation? 
See the list of the tools and equipment you can use below.

Beginner Hackspace Orientation

  • Get access to the Hackspace during Drop-In hours.

  • Tools you can use:
    Cricut, laser cutter, and 3D printers can be used with assistance and supervision of the Hackspace manager or a trained volunteer.

Beginner Wood Shop Orientation

  • Get access to the Wood shop during Drop-In hours.

  • Access to the assembly space in the wood shop.

  • Tools you can use:
    Drill, impact driver, jig saw, sawzall, circular saw, Oscillating Multi-Tool, orbital sander, portable router, hand planar, brad nailer, other misc hand tools.

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