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Our Team

Meet our Staff


Miles Neglak-Voss

Miles is a Redseal Carpenter and PC build technician who was born and raised in Yellowknife. He is especially passionate about emerging building technologies. Miles is a gregarious person who loves teaching people how to use tools.

Grey Block

Aileen Ling

Aileen is a person that wears a lot of hats! Her background is in design, community and social enterprise development.  She's always down to support new initiatives and support others to get their ideas off the ground.  She enjoys DIY projects and likes to make shoes when she has free time.


Jon Soderberg

Jon is an apprentice Machinist with a background in mechanical engineering who was born and raised in Yellowknife. He is a talented repair person with a patient demeanor. Jon has good digital fabrication experience and likes sharing his knowledge.

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