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Our mission is to make skill-building accessible.

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Our Vision

To empower and provide a space for individuals to gain confidence, build practical skills and grow creatively so that we can build a stronger, more resilient, and vibrant community together.

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Giving people the confidence, skills, tools and space they need to reach their potential.



Listening to and maintaining strong relationships with the membership and meet the needs of the community.


Committed to removing barriers to access and opening doors for participation to all members of the community.


Fostering an environment that encourages people to look at challenges and find solutions in new and different ways.

Our Strategy

Our mandate is to drive sustainable economic diversification and community self-reliance through sharing, collaboration, and empowering the already innovative and resilient residents of Yellowknife and the Northwest Territories with the tools (in the broadest sense of the word) they need to grow their economy and community.


By reducing the risks of starting a business in Yellowknife, creating a vibrant network of Yellowknife entrepreneurs, and providing quality, affordable space, we will promote Yellowknife’s economic diversification and maturation, increase the demand for commercial/industrial space through the growth of local businesses, and increase foot traffic downtown to these businesses, thereby:

  • Creating an economy that is better able to weather the boom and bust cycle of the resource economy;

  • Encouraging higher use and density of Yellowknife’s properties;

  • Promoting a safer, revitalized community; and

  • Increasing employment options for residents, including Northerners who have moved away to seek other opportunities.

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