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Bring a Mural to Life with Us!

Starting Nov 2023

Are you a muralist or animator interested in collaborating with other artists to transform and enhance the visual landscape of Yellowknife?

Or maybe you're interested in learning more about mural making, or about new ways of combining digital and traditional art forms!

Well then - Join us for the Augment YK Mural Project! 

We're partnering with Western Arctic Moving Pictures to connect artists in the creation of six new augmented reality (AR) murals to be installed throughout Yellowknife in spring 2024!    

What is an Augmented Reality Mural?

Augmented reality (AR) murals use digital technology to overlay 2D and 3D animations on artworks placed in the physical environment. With an AR mural, viewers can use a smartphone app like Artvive, to turn their phone into a magic lens that transforms the artwork into a fully immersive experience. This gives artists the opportunity to play with the viewer in new and interesting ways, where an artwork can completely change depending on how the viewer chooses to interact with it.    

Apply to join as a...

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