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Shop Manager

Position Summary

Job Title: Shop Manager

Status: Permanent, Full-time (37.5 hours per week). Flexible work arrangements may be required.
Part-time arrangements may be considered depending on candidate(s).

Location: Yellowknife, NT, Canada

Salary: $65k+/year, depending on experience/qualifications

Reports to: Executive Director of Makerspace YK

Closing Date: Posting will remain open until position is filled


Mandatory requirements: Candidate must be willing to undergo a vulnerable sector check pre-employment and must be approved in accordance with vulnerable sector check protocols. Note that presence of a criminal record, depending on circumstances, will not necessarily exclude an applicant from candidacy for the position.

All Makerspace YK employees are required to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

To Apply:  Please email your cover letter and resume to with the subject of the email: "MSYK Shop Manager Application, Your First and Last Name"

Job Purpose and Scope

The Shop Manager is responsible for implementing and overseeing the workshop programs at Makerspace YK (MSYK). Primary responsibilities will include safety in all aspects of workshop operations and  supervising all activities in the shop, proactively scheduling regular maintenance and repairing equipment, delivering shop orientations, delivering programming, and ensuring the space is kept clean in accordance with fire safety procedures.  The Shop Manager is MSYK’s primary operational employee, ensuring the shop runs efficiently, meets program mandates, and is safe. The position will involve frequent interaction with MSYK members and program participants. 

Duties & Responsibilities

Shop Operations

  • Supervise the workshop during open hours including drop in timeslots, ensuring safety procedures are understood and followed.

  • Ensure that all individuals, members or program participants using workshop equipment have participated in appropriate training to do so.

  • Establish and maintain accurate training records for all participants. 

  • Ensure the shop is operated in accordance with MSYK’s approved policies, procedures, mission, and values. 

  • Ensure a welcoming, safe, and inclusive atmosphere is created in the shop. 

  • Develop and implement an equipment maintenance schedule, aimed at ensuring minimal downtime due to unscheduled equipment repairs, and ensuring adequate supplies of spare parts are available.

  • Facilitates workshop utilization by MSYK members by assisting them in learning to use tools and equipment correctly and safely, and providing advice and guidance on projects if appropriate/requested. 

  • Deliver shop orientations, training, as a mandatory requirement for all workshop users.

  • Deliver workshop programming.

  • Maintaining and administering the Tool Library.

  • Maintain a detailed inventory of equipment, tools and parts for the Shop and Tool Library.

  • Develop and maintain a schedule to ensure equitable access to high-use equipment.

  • Coordinate with the Executive Director to ensure broken tools and equipment are repaired or replaced.

  • Ensure the shop is kept clean and orderly. In particular, ensure that dust management and fire hazard mitigation is done in accordance with fire safety procedures and applicable protocols.

  • Providing training and mentorship to the Shop Technician and volunteers in coordination with the Executive Director.

  • In the absence of the Executive Director – be available to act in the Executive Director role to ensure continuation of MSYK services and programs.

  • Coordinating with the Executive Director to manage volunteer work hours.


Safety & Risk Management

  • Develop, seek approval for and implement Standard Operating Procedures for shop operations, equipment and tools.

  • Ensure compliance with federal and territorial laws and regulations, WSCC safety standards and fire safety procedures in consideration of the unique conditions established by MSYK.

  • Identify and actively mitigate risks, and bring all risk of harm to workshop users or loss to MSYK to the attention of the Executive Director ASAP. 

  • Ensuring all shop users understand the importance of and use required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and establish an inventory of PPE available for use by members or participants.

  • Ensuring all shop safety procedures are followed at all times.

Working Conditions

Physical Demands

The Shop Manager spends long hours both standing and sitting, interacting with participants frequently, and using office equipment and computers, which can cause muscle or eye strain. The Shop Manager works frequently with shop equipment which can cause severe injury or death if operated incorrectly, demanding careful concentration, adherence to standard operating procedures and awareness. The position involves heavy lifting of supplies, equipment and materials which requires an ability to bend, squat and lift up to 50lbs without difficulty.


Environmental Conditions

The Shop Manager supervises several people using equipment at one time, and may be interrupted or distracted from this task by participants with questions or problems.  
The Shop Manager may find the environment to be cold, hot, busy, noisy, and dusty. The
Shop Manager is responsible to ensure the shop operates in accordance with safety procedures
at all times. The Shop Manager must have situational awareness, and attention to detail.  The Shop Manager may work an irregular schedule from time to time.


Mental Demands

The requirement to coordinate equipment use and supervise members who may be new to working in a shop may create stress. Participants with conflicting needs for equipment can create disagreements and require the ability to find compromise. The Shop Manager must be polite and assertive to ensure safety procedures are followed. Stress may be caused by the need to balance competing tasks and responsibilities, which may create conflict at times, in maintaining and operating the shop. 

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Desired Skills & Experiences

The following skills and experiences would be considered an asset:

  • Experience working in trades/construction industry. 

  • Experience developing and implementing safety guidelines and training programs informed by knowledge of workplace safety regulations in the NWT.

  • Knowledge of maintaining digital fabrication equipment.

  • Knowledge of CAD and CAM software.

  • Experience working with the public or experience with delivering on the job training in an industrial setting. 

  • Ideally some experience in education/mentorship.

  • Experience working in an intercultural environment.


Required Skills

  • Experience operating and maintaining woodworking tools and machinery.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Moderate to excellent computer skills.

  • Ability to defuse Conflict and find win-win solutions.

  • Effective organizational skills.

  • A strong desire to learn and share knowledge specific to tools and equipment.

Acquisition of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

The knowledge, skills and abilities required to be successful in this role are usually acquired

through a combination of education and experience as follows:

  • Experience working in a workshop or other industrial operations or makerspace.

  • 2+ years experience in trades/industry. Journeyperson certificate in a relevant discipline is considered a strong asset.

  • One year experience teaching shop at a secondary level.

  • Successful entrepreneurial venture in a related field.

  • 2+ years experience as a craftsperson.


At MSYK we foster a work environment that is inclusive as well as diverse where all people can be their best selves. All people, perspectives and ideas are valued so that our services and programs reflect our membership and the people we serve. We encourage applications from all members of our community. 

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