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Makerspace YK (MSYK) is hiring an Executive Director to work in Yellowknife. Check out the job description below to learn more about the position. 

Job Title - Executive Director


Status - Permanent, Full-time
Location - Yellowknife, NT, Canada
Reports to President & Board of MSYK

Closing Date - November 6 2020

To apply - Please email your cover letter and resume to with the subject of the email: "MSYK Executive Director Application, Your First and Last Name"


Makerspace will pay a competitive salary, and has the ability to customize compensation to make it competitive and attractive. Total package will exceed $80 000 and will depend on the skills, experience, and other attributes of the chosen candidate.

Job Purpose and Scope
The Executive Director is the most senior MSYK employee, primarily responsible for the planning, marketing, funding, forming of strategic direction, and implementation of the mandate of MSYK. The Executive Director plays a key role in leading all strategic and operational activities required to establish a physical facility as well as a strong, sustainable, and relevant program of activities, learning opportunities, partnerships, strong membership and other initiatives that support the Makerspace goals.

The Executive Director will be responsible for the establishment and operations of a Makerspace location in Yellowknife, consisting of a Dirty Workshop, a Clean Workshop, Tool rental library, and eventually a planned expansion which creates space for commercial tenants who share an interest in the goals of the Makerspace community. The Executive Director is responsible for the on-the-ground operations, research, partnership building, human resources, financial health and growth, as well as strategic business planning. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors.

Duties & Responsibilities
Leadership and Human Resources
● Hire, orient, train and supervise all employees;
●  Establish safety protocols and safety programs to ensure the health and safety of all visitors,

volunteers, trainees, employees, Board members, and minimize risk;
● Establish programs to attract and retain volunteers to support program delivery and other operational needs;
● Provide comprehensive administrative and support services to the Board of Directors, including safety reporting, operations oversight reporting, human resource reporting and records management as well as any other research, reporting or information that is key to Board operations or Strategic planning; and
● Provide accurate and timely financial reports, including budget and variance reporting on a periodic basis


Operational Planning & Management
● Plan and deliver programs, events and initiatives that are aligned with Board approved strategy, and MSYK mandate to ensure the organization’s operations remain relevant to members and meet the expectations of the Board, government agencies, and partners;
● Manage all administrative and financial matters and deadlines to ensure the organization is in good standing with Corporate Legal Registry and the CRA; and
● Educate, communicate and implement MSYK operational, financial, and Human Resource policies/procedures.


Fundraising & Sponsorship Development
● Develop a revenue diversification strategy, in line with the MSYK Strategic Plan, for Board approval that will include new revenue models, fundraising and sponsorship opportunities or innovative programming.

Financial Management
● Administer in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) the organization’s funds in compliance with the approved budget and monitor the monthly cash-flow, including tracking and reporting on variances from established plans.

Risk Management
● Ensure organization’s compliance with federal and territorial rules and regulations;
● Identify possible risks and bring it to the attention of the Board of Directors;
● Develop and implement, including on-going updates, a comprehensive workplace safety policy;
● Ensure WSCC Insurance is in place and that all workers, volunteers, etc. have adequate workplace safety training and that a comprehensive workplace safety and incident reporting protocols are in place; and

● Research and recommend a comprehensive insurance program to ensure that the Board of Directors and the organization have appropriate and adequate insurance coverage.

Marketing and Public/Community Relations
● Establish partnerships that enhance the reputation and operations of MSYK and that enhance support from the community at large;

Working Conditions

Physical Demands
The Executive Director will spend long hours sitting and using office equipment and computers, which can cause muscle or eye strain. The Executive Director may also have to do some light lifting of supplies, equipment and materials from time to time which will require an ability to bend and squat and lift up to 40lbs without difficulty.

Environmental Conditions
The Executive Director may have to manage many projects at one time, and may be interrupted frequently to meet the needs and requests of volunteers, trainees, employees and contractors. The Executive Director may find the environment to be cold, hot, busy, noisy, and dusty. The Executive Director is responsible to ensure that all workspaces meet occupational & safety guidelines at all times. The Executive Director will need excellent organizational and time and stress management skills to complete the required tasks.

Mental Demands
The requirement to work effectively with a variety of people including those who may be under stress can create conflict or difficult interpersonal relationships. The requirement to report to a Board of Directors can cause stress. Stress may be caused by the need to complete tasks or projects within tight deadlines.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Desired Skills & Experiences
● Knowledge of the unique opportunities in Northern Canada, and the unique entrepreneurial culture of the City of Yellowknife;
● Knowledge of the entrepreneurial and/or innovation ecosystem and how to support and grow ideas;
● Knowledge of how to write successful proposals to funders seeking sponsorship, grants and fundraising support;

● Knowledge and experience with Project Management in an industrial or entrepreneurial setting;
● Knowledge and understanding of government relations and advocacy;
● Experience in business management, human resource management and financial management: and
● Experience living and working in the North.


● Excellent computer skills including Microsoft suite and Google Drive;
● Verbal and written communication skills to enhance the communications with multiple stakeholders;
● Financial management skills including knowledge of bookkeeping, financial reporting, and budgets; and
● Conflict management and effective interpersonal skills to manage a variety of business and professional relationships effectively.

Acquisition of Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
The knowledge, skills and abilities required to be successful in this role are usually acquired through a combination of education and experience as follows:
● Experience managing operations of a facility and/or program delivery;
● University degree in a relevant discipline (B.Comm, Engineering, formal education in management or leadership, financial and/or project management); and
● 2- 3 years experience a relevant field.

Critical Competencies

Leadership Skills including teamwork, judgement and problem solving skills, motivation and initiative.
Effective leaders:
● focus on achieving results through and with others and they are concerned with accomplishments;
● set high standards of performance, pursue aggressive goals, and work hard to achieve them; and
● attract and retain talented people by improving selection process, build a team with complementary strengths, anticipate long term staffing needs, and retain high potential employees.

Communication Skills including the ability to foster open and effective communications at all levels and with all stakeholders. Successful managers know this and seek to create an environment where communication is open, encouraged, rewarded, frequent, and relevant.
● Communicate the message that every idea is worthy of consideration;
● Structure creative ways to obtain input from others;
● Interact with people openly and directly; and
● Be an active listener.

Management / Strategic Skills including the ability to create strategic advantage through understanding of the operating environment, and the needs of employees, members, volunteers, and board members.
● Able to motivate and create results predominantly through the work of others - delegation and organization skills;
● Understand the organization’s vision, goals and strategies;
● Delegate effectively, hold team accountable and reward success; and
● Pursue initiatives to capitalize on strengths and market opportunities.

Business Knowledge / Fiscal Management including the ability to stay relevant with market information and local news regarding funding opportunities.
● Receive support from bookkeeper for financial related business;
● Read and understand financial reports;
● Conduct regular reviews of financial performance;
● Set and achieve effective financial goals; and
● Know how to create a budget and get a budget approved.