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Makerspace YK

Makerspace YK is a registered non-profit in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, looking to build community around hands-on learning, shared space, and skills-building. We want to create a space where we can host workshops and work on projects, fostering a collaborative environment for the next generation of Yellowknife entrepreneurs.

A 'makerspace' is a community hub that serves all demographics, all ages, and provides opportunity to explore many varying interests. Groups and individuals gather to further their learning, together in a centralized location.

Makerspace YK in the News!

The former premises of Yellowknife bar After 8 will become a “public workshop and innovation hub” for the group Makerspace YK, which aims to build people’s skills. - Cabin Radio 

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Warburton and Morse Outside Makerspace L

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